Horse Racing Collectables

There must be many different reasons why people collect the items or objects that they collect. Some people might collect things for their monetary value, others might collect as a hobby, or for the historical value, but I think if a person collects horse racing collectables they must certainly have a love for horses and all things to do with the world of horse racing. Whatever their reason, it’s certainly very satisfying and the range of items to be collected is, of course, extensive.


 Bronze Statues








 Bronze statues and sculptures have been made by artists and sculptors for almost 5,000 years. Bronze, which is a mixture of copper and tin, is the most frequently used material for metal sculptures because it expands just before it sets. This makes sure that all of the sometimes, intricate details and crevices of the mould will be completely filled with the metal. Bronze is also strong, which makes it ideal for sculptures that have protruding pieces that aren’t especially thick, for example, the reins of a horses bridle.  All types of bronze statues are very popular, as they are so attractive to look at and will certainly compliment any collection of horse racing collectables.

Horse Racing Pictures







In the eyes of the horse racing enthusiast, the racing thoroughbred has true elegance and beauty and so it’s not surprising that horse racing pictures are highly sought after memorabilia to add to their collections. Action shots are especially popular in the  world of steeplechasing and some of the footage of horses seemingly flying over the fences is really spectacular. Nevertheless, flat racing also offers the most wonderful photos, from photo finishes to the ecstatic moments after the race.  As such, a serious collector will find plenty of horse racing memorabilia pictures in a professional photographer’s horse racing collection.  Framed photographs of big race winners, often signed by the jockey, trainer, owner or sometimes all of them, are the ones that will undoubtedly fetch the best prices at auction. Unfortunately, these special editions are rare and can be hard to find, but of course, the internet is making it easier to track down the horse racing memorabilia you are avidly seeking.

Horse Racing Fine Art

Thoroughbred horses, because of their exceptional beauty, poise and grace, have truly inspired many artists to paint some wonderful masterpieces of horse racing fine art over the years and these days paintings, full of colour, and drawings, full of detail, of race horses are still extremely pleasing for zealous collectors. It doesn’t matter if you purchase an existing image of one of your favourite runners or commission an artist to paint a piece of original art, to be given pride of place in your home, these pictures will always find a lot of interest within the racing fraternity, should you decide to sell them one day. In the mean time, they will make a worthy addition to your collection of horse racing collectables and memorabilia.